Our Process

The following describes our Software-development process, which can be split up into several sensible components:


The first concern is to identify the objectives of the venture. This is where we ask such questions as: What is the target market? What benefits will this website provide them? And, What are the expected results of this project?


The next step is to summarize the website's material framework and routing specifications. This may consist of both public and administrative-only elements. Is this website going to consist of an online marketplace? Will it need to modified regularly, or will it remain somewhat fixed, once complete?


In this stage, a routine is designed and a development schedule applied. This guarantees that the customer's venture continues to be on routine, and it assists the Discuss group in handling its work flow.


The design phase starts with a face-to-face conference between the customer's project-managers, and our management group, such as the Creative Home. A home-page style review is created for the customer's review. Several options may be presented, based on the customer's feedback and/or previous marketing materials. Once accepted, Brainstorm starts creating evidence for each significant web page on the website.


Once the website framework is completed, the consumer is asked for to publish material, itemized by web page. This may consist of both images and text.


The material is then approved on to our group to make the actual web-pages. Each business or person's website has different efficient specifications. Those elements selected during the planning procedure are now added by our group.


Each customer's venture is allocated a devoted Project Administrator. Their job is to suggest for the consumer throughout the web-development procedure.


Once all the webpages have been designed and built, programs designed and installed, and the overall website has been accepted by the consumer, the website is released openly. A press-release is written by Brainstorm's marketing group and sent to every appropriate print-publication in the area. We then make an e-flyer which is sent to each of our connections, stating the new website.


Discuss continues to be available to the consumer following the discharge of the website, through servicing, technical support team, up-dates, and upgrades.

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Sales & Marketing Software

We at Teamphoenix Pvt Ltd are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging biz world. Our fundamental company values stem from understanding that our success is tied with success of our clients. Our key business principles are: more...

BPO/KPO/Customer Care

Through our Research Outsourcing/ BPO division, we support the decision making of customers by providing timely, appropriately researched information to enhance the understanding of dramatically changing industry trends & happenings on a regular basis, which ensures them to be up-to-date to take informed decisions.more...

Business Consulting

Through Business Process Outsourcing we act as an extended arm for our clients or customers, in order to performing business activities on their behalf. Our Call Center Operations provide efficient services like Data Collection, Data Recovery, Mortgage and Receivables Management. more...