Company History

Teamphoenixwas initially established in 2007 as a firm to research, compile, collate and disseminate information, business leads and contacts database on various sectors of the Indian economy and industry. Teamphoenix can rightly claim its pioneering status in providing new projects information on 40 key industry sectors. As this new projects monitoring service gained popularity, it came to be known as an 'industrial marketing tool' by sales and marketing professionals in the Indian industry.

Over the years, Teamphoenix, by virtue of its experience in researching markets, technological developments and new projects monitoring diversified into knowledge processing outsourcing / KPO services. We deliver services like Inbound Call Center Services, Outbound Call Center Services, Order Taking, Customer Service, Class and Seminar Registration, Answering Service and Web Enabled Customer Support Services.

Our Commitment as an BPO Provider

  • You will always receive a prompt call back if you leave a message.
  • You will always receive a prompt response to an email inquiry
  • We do what we say. That means on time and on budget.
  • You will never get the corporate "run around
You receive these services for free because the call centers cover all the fees. We help you find the best course of action, for your telemarketing/telesales needs. We provide high level of satisfactions to our customers and our sole target or say goal is, to increase the rate of Return on Investment (ROI), of your organization.